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There are endless myths and legends devoted to the diamond and its mystical qualities as well as its beauty, some are as ancient as history itself. But the value of a diamond goes beyond its magic. Thanks to modern technology, the value of each and every diamond bought or sold can be measured according to a now universal system called the 4 C’s of diamond grading. Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity are the basic physical features that are considered in the process of determining the worth of a diamond. Gemologists employed by global diamond certification bodies use scientific tools to measure these features and provide an unbiased diamond certificate or diamond grading report. The typical diamond certificate will also report on features such as the diamond’s shape, its size, symmetry, polish and more.


There are, however, further qualities that each diamond possesses that are subjective. These are the qualities that make every diamond unique and genuinely beautiful. The diamond’s genuine beauty or its “5th C” (for its character), defines the difference between 2 diamonds with virtually identical grading reports. Recognising a diamond’s genuine beauty entails talent that is refined with years of experience. The guiding principles that the we apply in building the company’s inventory, are rooted in our pursuit of high-quality diamonds that are also genuinely beautiful.


Our white and colour diamonds are chosen for their value, their quality and for their unique character. Each diamond we acquire is evaluated for its legitimacy, and for the accuracy of its certificate. Our experience grants our customers access to the finest diamonds that the market has to offer, but also to the more exclusive private and off-market sources. Our established network of associations and direct access to source suppliers around the world, enable us to purchase at source and at off-market prices, and to reduce brokerage costs, middlemen and redundant complexity.


Edasi Diamonds is first and foremost a hands-on service provider, giving open and personal communication. This also enables us to consistently meet customer needs; we are committed to identifying the right diamond, jewel and/ or transaction for each customer we serve and we will gladly guide you through your diamond purchase or investment.



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